Medication synchronization

Medication synchronization ( Its Free Service )

Medication synchronization is when your pharmacist arranges for your medications to be refilled on the same day each time. Many people forget to take their daily meds, and med sync help you remember.


It's no longer necessary to phone in several times for medication refills.

Allows you to make fewer trips to the pharmacy, saving you time and money.

Patients who take many, monthly drugs, the elderly, and those who are new to chronic drug therapy benefit the most from medication synchronization.

If you do not take your medication as directed, or if you miss or skip doses, it can have serious health consequences, including death.

The pharmacist refills your prescription ahead of time so you don't have to remember to call the pharmacy, and they work closely with you to ensure that your meds are working for you and that you are taking them correctly.

How Does its Work?

Step 1

Talk to our pharmacist to enroll

Step 2

Following enrollment, the pharmacist will assess your ongoing monthly medications and make a strategy to synchronize them so that they can be picked up on a single, convenient day each month.

Step 3

Staff at the pharmacy may call you about a week ahead of time to confirm your delivery or pick-up date and identify any modifications that need to be made before your prescriptions are filled.

Step 4

The pharmacy staff will prepare each prescription and package it together for easy delivery or pick-up on your scheduled day after reviewing any modifications to your prescriptions.

The process is repeated so that you can have medications delivered or picked up all at once and the pharmacist can notice any potential problems so that you can take your medication as prescribed.

Medication synchronization is FREE